Universal Links, Deep Links, App Links… This is something I told my client it would it would take one or two days to setup for their app, but it actually took me a week to make it perfect. And it was not a good week, believe me…

That's why I decided to write this article. To never forget.
And to be able to make a two days invoice to my next client, but by spending half a day on the task, not a whole week.

I know a lot of people use Firebase Deep Link. I personally don't like this…

What else ?

I'm always struggling setting up event listener with redux-saga , so as I didn't find out some clean example how to set-up an event listener to React Native BackHandler, here is one which might help you — and also help me to remind how I did, as I tend to forget things quickly…

Versions used:

  • React Native: 0.61.5
  • redux-saga: 1.1.3
function* backHandlerSaga() {
// handle the backHandler touch here
export function* saga() {
try {
if (Platform.OS !== 'android') return;
const listenToBackButton = yield call(function() {
return eventChannel(emitter => {
const backHandlerListener = BackHandler.addEventListener('hardwareBackPress', function(e) {
emitter('go go go');
return true;
// The subscriber must return an unsubscribe function
return () => {
while (true) {
yield take(listenToBackButton);
yield call(backHandlerSaga);
} catch (e) {
console.log('error with back handler', e);

  1. Why ? What ? Wait.. what are you talking about ? And why ?
  2. Setting-up Server-Sent Events on a Express Node.js server
  3. Listening to Server-Sent Events in a React Native App

1. Why ? What ? Wait.. what are you talking about ? And why ?

I wanted some notifications for my React Native app, but I thought Push Notifications looked very complicated to setup, with no clear method to explain how to do, deprecated libraries, etc. (now it is clearer for me because I spent a lot of time digging the subject)

So I was quite depressed, because I built a chat in my app, and a chat without Push Notifications is not a…

[EDIT: 2020–12–13] BIG UPDATE of this article
-> use
react-native-push-notification in RN App
-> create a copy/pastable NotificationService.js file
If you see anything wrong, please put it in comments, thanks !

RN Push Notifications: a complete guide — Front + Back — iOS + Android

If you arrive here, I think you'll know that it's not that easy to find a good tutorial to handle Push Notifications for iOS and Android with React Native. I finally did find some, which helped me to write this complete guide (references are at the bottom of the article).

What are we gonna talk about ?

  1. How do Push Notifications work
  2. Set-up required certificates and paperwork
  3. Front-end: create a registration token
  4. Back-end: a minimal express…

J'ai entendu hier un ami dire, à propos du mouvement des gilets jaunes :

Combien ils ont fait aux européennes ? 0,5% ? Bon bah voilà, qu'on arrête de nous emmerder avec les gilets jaunes, ils ne représentent rien.

Expo has done great to help developer creating native apps with react-native.

The Expo Managed Workflow is making it really easy to start a project and getting a production build .ipa or .apk file, but it has some downsides, and especially one : some libs created for React-Native are not available directly through Expo. That is the case of MapBox, which is why I had to have a look at Expo Bare Workflow, a workflow that still give the access to some good features of Expo if you wanted too.

Let’s go through the whole process, from start to deploy.


You might think the text you are reading below is a wishful thinking. I think of it more like profession of faith, but I hope you will take it as it is : a prophecy.

The prophecy is :

Today, big-data is trapped in a vicious circle of mass consumption ; tomorrow, big-data will be a part of a vertuous circle of a responsible and sustainable consumption.
Today, the data is created by end-consumer, gathered by companies, sold by them to other companies to sell specific products to targeted end-consumers. Today, data is end-consumer.
Tomorrow the companies will spread the data of…

There are some concepts to understand as soon as possible when people start to learn code in general. One of the most annoying I’ve been through is this :

In lines 1, 3 and 8, are food, food and food all the same ? Well, no. And there appears the biggest misunderstandings of all times.

  • line 1: food is a variable name.
  • line 3: food is a parameter of digest().
  • line 8: food is passed as an argument to the function digest().

Arnaud Ambroselli

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